Last night, the second season of Jersey Shore was unleashed upon America with the fury of a pack of juiced up, ecstasy-popping beat beaters. After roadtripping down the east coast, the cast arrived at their new digs in Miami.

[There was a video here]

Are you surprised? The first fight of the season took place in the cab on the way to the first club outing of their trip. At least it took them a few hours to start dropping insults.

The premiere obviously served as a jumping off point for the "reality plotlines" for the season to come: Angelina the bitch is back and nobody likes her, Ronnie and Sammi have to live in the same house after (maybe?) breaking up, Snookie made the kinds of comments only she is capable of making, and J-Woww bore epic cleavage. And we the viewers once again reveled in the glow of contained debauchery.

Get ready for the next 3 months, everybody.

And were you aware that Snookie is a student of political economy AND history?!

[There was a video here]