Who knew that non-humans predicting sports matches could be as profitable as the humans who play in them? Paul the Octopus has received "more than 160 endorsement offers and a book deal." We would pay for this book!

Most notably, Paul has recently appeared in an ad for the German supermarket chain Rewe. Except Der Spiegel notes he is supporting the (delicious) massacre of thousands of his own kind!

On Rewe's own website, the Cologne-based supermarket calls octopus "tasty" and says that "especially coveted are their meaty arms, which also come deep-frozen and pre-fried."

Oh, Paul, have you really grown so fame-crazed as to be blinded to the plight of the octopus? We can only hope this is a prelude to Paul's reawakening. He will embrace his octopus identity, renounce his human ways and found the radical Octopus Liberation Front. [The Awl]