In your ardent Friday media column: Christiane Amanpour has a sit-down job, the NYT wedding listings are now searchable, The Big Money folds, and Tribune Co.'s peerless execs would like lots of money, please.

  • Longtime CNN person Christiane Amanpour is now anchoring "This Week" in DC for ABC News. Hilariously, this entire article is about, will she get over her "jitters" and fit in? In other words, can one of television's most respected foreign correspondents shed her habit of wanting to do "real" stories from "real" places and be as vapid as she needs to be to succeed on the "sitting around yakking with pundits and media whores" beat? Let's hope not!
  • Some human has started the website, which allows you to search the NYT wedding announcements for terms like "Goldman Sachs," or "Cocksucker." Let us know what you find out there.
  • Whoa: Slate is giving up on The Big Money, its business-focused site, because of lack of profitably. The content was good. I guess reflexive contrarianism doesn't pay when selling ads to banks, though.
  • Here's a hell of a thing: the disastrously-run bankrupt Tribune Co. is proposing hefty severance packages for 43(!) top executives in the event that they're canned when the company comes out of bankruptcy. Hmm. Instead, why not just send them all to jail?