How would you like to find out that your doctor's undergrad days were spent majoring not in chemistry or biology, but in reading lesbian poetry and smoking reefer? Yes, it is time to overreact.

Shock and dismay are only two of the many emotions you may experience upon learning that every year, Mount Sinai Medical School accepts three dozen future hippie healers each year who "study humanities or social sciences instead of the traditional pre-medical school curriculum and maintain a 3.5 grade-point average."

That's right: your gynecologist may be a Gender Studies major.

Sure, "studies" find that this ragtag band of free thinkers do just as well as the science buffs in med school. But do you really trust a "study" emanating from a so-called learning institution that allows the losers in your "reading group" to freely manipulate dead bodies, with knives?

Not in our America. Take your hippie faith healing back to Mexico, hippies.