Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire Bill Clinton pal who just left jail after completing a sentence for soliciting sex with a minor, may be headed back soon: The Daily Beast reports that the Justice Department is investigating him for child trafficking.

Epstein, famous for being rich, being friends with Bill Clinton, having an egg-shaped penis, and being a vindictive pervert, can't be prosecuted again for the charges he copped to in his plea deal. But according to The Daily Beast's Conchita Sarnoff, new charges might be coming:

Federal investigators continue to investigate Epstein's activities, to see whether there is evidence of child trafficking-a far more serious charge than the two in his non-prosecution agreement, the arrangement between Epstein and the Department of Justice allowing him to plead guilty to lower-level state crimes. Trafficking can carry a 20-year sentence.

Since there's no statute of limitations for sex-trafficking, and Epstein's predatory adventures apparently date back more than a few years, it's likely there's more women who could come forward. (Apparently some have contacted a lawyer, but nothing's been filed yet.)

It's not just Epstein, either—his buddy Jean Luc Brunel, head of the MC2 modeling agency, is also being investigated, and some of the models he represented (many from overseas) may have been enlisted as companions on Epstein's private jet.