Late last year, Malaysian investor Take Jho Low was all anyone could talk about on the Manhattan party circuit. We whispered that maybe he was an arms dealer Now, Jho Low demystifies himself in Malaysia's The Star newspaper.

According to myths passed down by the party gods, Jho Low is romantico-financially involved with Paris Hilton—paying her $1 million to hang with him in St. Tropez. But Jho Low tells The Star he knows Paris primarily through her parents, whom he met through "a good friend of mine." As for Paris and Nikki accompanying him to St. Tropez this week: "The girls were on this trip with a whole list of other people, about 40-plus people." (And Paris just happened to get topless on his yacht because that's what she does for friends.)

And there was that rumor that Jho Low was renting a space in the Park Imperial for $100,000 a month. Turns out it was him and 11 other people—and he wasn't even paying rent. "I can say that I contributed to the food budget," he tells the Star

In legend, Jho Low roamed the world guzzling high-priced champagne like so much seltzer. He allegedly sent 23 bottles of Cristal to Lindsay Lohan at a party! His younger brother spent more than $2 million in a champagne-ordering contest in St. Tropez! But, no, he says:

I think there is a pattern of trying to paint me as this person who orders a lot of champagne excessively. But I think the fact is to realise that these are special instances where different events have been held and in many cases not organised by me. One point I want to clarify for certain is neither me nor my brother spent in excess of US$2mil in St Tropez. That is 100% factually not true, for sure. It was 40-50 of us friends who ordered some drinks and had a good relaxing night.

In fact, Jho Low tells the Star that the whole international playboy image is a product oft he fact that he acts as "the concierge service" for his even richer friends. His travels and extravagances are largely financed to the pack of billionaire Middle-easterners he hangs with—most notably Kuwaiti maybe-arms-dealer Hamad Al-Wazzan.

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