Today at Gawker.TV, Zac Efron talks about his very-hetero visit to the strip club, Jimmy Fallon breaks video game records, Between Two Ferns with Steve Carell, and the best interview to ever come from having a rapist on the loose.

Zac Efron Frequents Strip Clubs, Spends Thousands of Dollars
Heartthrob Efron admitted to getting his jollies at a strip club with former co-star Corbin Bleu on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here, Efron breaks down his experience at the gentleman's club, including the awkward phone call to his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

Zach Galifianakis Breaks Down During Between Two Ferns Interview with Steve Carell
In today's daily dose of absurdity, Steve Carell is the latest guest to be questioned while sitting in the vicinity of two plants by Zach Galifianakis. A must watch for lovers of Evan Almighty, and everyone else too.

Victim's Brother: "Hide Your Husband, They Rapin' Everybody Out Here!"
This soon-to-be viral gem straight out of Alabama's local news is probably the best thing to come out of a story about a rapist on the loose. The victim's brother really steals the show around the 1 minute mark.

Jimmy Fallon Breaks Record for Most Video Game Consoles Played in 60 Seconds
With URBD officials standing beside him and 60 seconds on the clock, Jimmy Fallon played his way through 9 (almost 10!) consoles. From Zelda to Halo, he samples our favorite games with hilarious 80s game show-style music in the background.

Stephen Colbert Grills Elon Musk On Electric Cars And Rocket Ships
Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk stopped by The Colbert Report to discuss electric cars and space travel. When discussing the contrasting fuel needs for both endeavors, Colbert asked if Musk was "trying to break even as spectacularly as possible."