Bradley Manning allegedly leaked that "Collateral Murder" attack helicopter video to Wikileaks. Now, investigators say he's the "main suspect" in their enormous Afghanistan leak. This guy leaks more than a poorly-made sieve.

Manning allegedly used the power of Lady Gaga to lip-sync his way to leaking immortality—pretending to burn a copy of 'The Fame' while stealing thousands of classified documents from the government's SIPR-NET secret stash. Now he's imprisoned in Kuwait, awaiting his trial. And according to CNN, a senior Pentagon official believes Manning leaked the nearly 100,000 classified reports dealing with Afghanistan.

One reason they believe Manning is behind it rather than some bigwig is that the documents released so far are only at a "secret" security level, which CNN says is "a relatively low-level designation." So, classified incident reports from Afghanistan boast the same classification level as the fact that everyone in New York drives across the border to New Hampshire to buy fireworks on the 4th of July? Seriously: Beef up your secrets, Pentagon!