Today at Gawker.TV, Jon Stewart bids farewell to Tony Hayward, Heidi Klum talks about pants-pooping with Regis Philbin, Kristen Schaal's worst job ever, zombie Dick Cheney, and Louis C.K. tries to act alongside Matthew Broderick on Louie.

Jon Stewart Bids Farewell to Tony Hayward
On last night's Daily Show, Jon said goodbye to BP's Tony Hayward, a man who provided joke/ nightmare fodder for most of the summer. Then, Stewart looked back at Hayward's past to uncover more secrets of the ooze.

Louie "Acts" Alongside Matthew Broderick, Gives a Heckler the Lashing of a Lifetime
Last night's episode of Louie might have been the funniest thing on TV in ages. Laughing the whole way through the episode made it difficult to select the best highlights from the show, but we tried our best. Hilarity inside.

Heidi Klum Talks About Pooping Her Pants With Regis
Supermodel Heidi Klum still gets nervous in front of large crowds. While hosting the season finale of the German version of Project Runway, she almost had the crap scared out of her—literally.

Stephen Colbert Talks Baby Jeans and a Zombie Dick Cheney
The Colbert Report ran down some of the lesser known stories of the day. Stephen Colbert endorsed kiddie fashion and the continued cyborg-ization of Dick Cheney, but he reacted negatively to the idea of all plants having elephants' memories.

Kristen Schaal Talks About the Worst Job She's Ever Had
Kristen Schaal stopped by the Late Show last night and reminisced with Dave about her rural upbringing, move to New York and the crappy job she took to finance her eventual rise to fame and awesomeness.