Want to add some spice to you Wednesday night? Join our live blog of Top Chef in the comments section under this post! It has all the ingredients of a good time — and no monosodium glutamate!

Here's how it works: Turn on the TV, tune in Bravo and post comments about the show when it comes on at 9 Eastern. It's that easy! To give you an idea of how it works, I've collected a few tartest-tongued quips from our last live blog in the post linked here. Other memorable moments from last week included these:

  • We had fun naming dangerous pathogens that could lurk in poorly prepared exotic meats. Examples included "yakteria" (from commenter Saxon 212) and "emu coli" (from commenter TheLemon).
  • We noticed that when Amanda's on-screen, it's impossible not to look at that thing on her lip. What is that lip-thing? It's almost as distracting as Aaron Neville's eyebrow-thing!
  • Following the guest-judge's nasty put-downs of several cheftestants' dishes, commenter robina dubbed her "Michele Buuuuurnstein."
  • In a D.C.-inspired elimination format, a group of mostly white chefs nominated two black chefs for elimination. Then a black chef lost. Democracy!

Speaking of voting choices, I recently elected to watch the preview clips of tonight's episode. Having done so, I nominate the following moments as "things to watch for as we live-blog":

  • Congressman Aaron Schock will deliver a boring and perplexing speech about house ethics rules as a lead-in to the quickfire challenge's "bite-size food" theme. I can't recall what the connection was … maybe that "ethics rules bite"?
  • Upon hearing that the quickfire winner will get $20,000, Andrea will tell us about how much she could really use the money – something that would worry me if I were Andrea's arch-nemesis, Michelle Bernstein. I wonder what hit men charge in Miami these days?
  • There will be some kind of scandal that will cause people to say "pea purée" over and over. Pea purée! Pea purée! Let's drink every time someone says that. Pea-purée-gate will get us all drunk!

Ok all you pepper-pots, it's time to start the reality-show flavor-enhancement process. I'll see you in the comments section!

[Image, minus chef's hat: AP]