A lawyer for America's new sexy Russian outlaw, Texan beauty school grad Anna Fermanova, is mad about how "the New York press" is treating his client. Fermanova's not a spy, he says. Just an inadvertent exporter of blackmarket military technology.

As we mentioned yesterday, Fermanova is currently under house arrest in Dallas for "knowingly and intentionally" exporting contraband weapons-grade night-vision scopes to Moscow. The sizzling Slav's defense: Her Russian husband is friends with big game hunters and the scopes were for them, because hunting goods are expensive in Russia. (So she's a sexy blackmarket arms dealer, now?!) Lawyer Scott Palmer spoke to Dallas Observer blog Unfair Park:

"Unfortunately it's illegal to take [the scopes] out of the country," Palmer says. "They're on the munitions list." Her attorney acknowledges, though: With the Anna Chapman case still fresh on everyone's mind, "it's bad timing" for Fermanova.

"But it's good timing for the New York press to slander her," he says. "She's not a spy. The government's not even saying that. She's not a spy. There is no terrorism link, no espionage. It's sexier than it looks, and that's only because she's attractive."

The good news is, if this comely carrier of contraband goods is not a spy, then her silence isn't legally mandated. That means she can do interviews! Anna, if you'd like to clear your name or aim a night-vision enhanced bazooka my direction, email us. Gawker.com will happily print whatever cryptic encoded messages you give to us. [UnfairPark, image via Anna Fermanova's defunct Facebook page]

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