The Eye, recently slammed by GLAAD for the second year in a row for having exactly zero LGBT characters on any of their shows, has decided to rectify their big gay problem. Three queer characters will be introduced next season.

"We're disappointed in our track record so far," CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler recently said at the Television Critics Association press tour. "We're going to do it. We're not happy with ourselves." Well, OK, so now they know the error of their ways. So how are they going to fix it? Well, they're adding a gay character to the sure-to-be-hilarious Shit My Dad Says show. (William Shatner makes grumpy gay jokes, yay.) And they're giving a fruit each to The Good Wife and the highly watched Rules of Engagement. So that's good, in a kind of aggressively tokeny way. Sure it would be better if CBS maybe addressed the root of the problem — why gay characters are never on the table when new shows are in development — but whatever. Gays will take what they can get. So, set your DVRs to Rules of Engagement for this fall, guys and gals! Old people who watch CBS and will be upset by all this (likely nonsexual) buggery, set your lizard brains to "power down for the evening".

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