A new system goes into effect today that will have a letter grade — A, B, or C — based on a Department of Health evaluation posted in the window of every New York City restaurant. Prepare to be disappointed/grossed-out.

As long as Odessa and Nino's get A's, I don't care. That's all I need. What do you think? If a restaurant has a B (or lower) in the front window, would you still eat at said establishment? I don't know if I would, honestly! I guess the whole point of the vaguely Orwellian grading scheme is to incentivize restaurants into all earning A's (crack those books, kids!), but who knows how long that will take. The Department of Health says: "In the first year or so of grading, we expect that most restaurants will earn a B grade." So, maybe you can't be too picky. Just maybe don't go to any C's. Unless you really like it.