Sumner Redstone, you cad! Already in hot water over trying to bribe a reporter to out a source and giving $100K in stock to a sexxxy girl band member, Sumner's now reportedly put another sexxxy young woman on the payroll.

To recap briefly: octogenarian Viacom chief Sumner Redstone loves this girl band called the Electric Barbarellas, which is made up of purty women who, everyone except Sumner Redstone agrees, make really crappy music. He pushed MTV to make a reality show about them, and someone leaked that story to the press, embarrassing him, and then he tried to bribe and cajole a Daily Beast reporter to out the leaker, which embarrassed him further, and then it came out that he'd given one of the members of the Barbarellas $100,000 in Viacom stock, which she promptly sold, embarrassing him even further.

And now, Peter Lauria, the journalistic plague of Sumner Redstone, reports that Sumner ordered Showtime to hire 29 year-old "veteran of the Los Angeles party scene" Rohini Singh—who'd gone out with Redstone to events before—despite the fact that the company was in the midst of a hiring freeze:

According to one CBS insider, Redstone instructed Showtime executives to give Singh free reign to pick the job she wanted. Because of Redstone's personal relationship with her, a former CBS insider with knowledge of the situation says, Showtime executives "at first tried to find something industrious for her to do." But after a rotation in casting, programming, and other departments within the network, Singh landed in publicity, in part because her best asset is her ability to party and, according to this former insider, "you don't need a specialized skill set for PR."

"Sumner Redstone's dick." We're just going to lay that concept on the table and leave it there.

[Daily Beast, Showbiz 411. Photo via Getty]