This is Paul Yarrow, a community worker from South London. Do you recognize him? That may be because he's appeared on at least 20 different British news broadcasts over the last few months. In the background.

For a long time, man has asked himself: How do I get on TV? In most places, you need to have a skill, like being born rich, or having a personality disorder, or getting your face eaten off by a chimpanzee. But in Great Britain, a mystical isle located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, you simply need to walk in front of a camera. Paul Yarrow learned this, and has been tracking Mr. Yarrow's various appearances on British newsmedia with gusto:

Yarrow is already a well-known figure in his community—"Good Samaritan and Carer of the Year," according to the South London Press—who works with the elderly and belongs to several community organizations. He also seems to want a spot on the UK edition of Big Brother. But why? He's much more entertaining as a star of his own, weird reality show, "The Fat Guy in the Background."

[ via Telegraph]