If snow is God's dandruff, then tornadoes are his middle fingers. After hours of absorbing the danger and the destruction, important themes and facts emerged.

Those couple of seconds where a tornado is about to touch down are some of the scariest Mother Nature has ever invented. Luckily only the people filming were around and no one got hurt. However, this tornado was strong enough to steal someone's cursor.

When in Canada, drive towards tornadoes. Don't listen to radios, don't turn around, just conduct your business as usual. The tornado is more afraid of you than you are of it.

If you're in the eye of a tornado, all you need to do is put the windows up. Sure, they might blow out, but the chances that you'll get a YouTube-worthy video are greater than pulling a Dorothy.

Remain calm. Breathe deeply. Make like Juvenile and back that [car] up.

Overpasses can save your life, but only if the tornado misses you. So when in doubt, run and hide. Just not in your car or in your house, but maybe under an overpass. The key seems to be just hoping you get away.

Your life might be in jeopardy and your Sim City may be exploding, but heaven forbid your hair gets messy.

Increase your Firefighter budget and you'll be fine.