Hollywood burglar Alexis Neiers shared a jail cell block with Lindsay Lohan, which is either great luck for limelight-addicted Alexis (more interviews) or terrible luck (all anyone wants to talk about is Lindsay). Here's what she has to say.

Fresh from her release from jail and still denying her role in the "Bling Ring" robbery for which she served time, Alexis gave an interview to E!, the network that made her reality show:

Does this girl know how to ride the almost-famous Hollywood gravy train, or what? Alexis describes Lindsay weeping in jail, then sighs at how annoying other people's misery is: "[Crying is] the last thing you want to hear, when you're just trying to be strong and get through the day." Alexis prattles on about her innocence, but the interviewer interrupts: "So she never actually made eye contact with you." No, Alexis admits. The interview ends shortly thereafter. [E!]