G4TV took over the E! News set on Saturday to broadcast four hours of live coverage from San Diego Comic-Con. Here are the clips related to your favorite geektastic TV shows: Community, True Blood, Castle and more!

Amid the panel recaps, cosplay, and nerd-on-the-street interviews, the real meat and potatoes of the experience were the live interviews Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn conducted from their platform above the convention floor.

First up, Joe Manganiello and Kristin Bauer from True Blood stopped by to talk about sexual Pilates and the crowd-sourced casting of werewolves:

Game Trailers - E3 2011 - Comic-Con '10 Live

Joel McHale, Alison Brie, and Gillian Jacobs from Community are all very silly, and since G4 and E! share a building in L.A., these guys have a lot to talk about.

Did you know that Daniel Dae Kim filmed the Hawaii 5-0 pilot and his character's big, dramatic exit from Lost at the same time? In this clip, he and Olivia Munn discuss nerd royalty, light sabres, and, um... being Asian!

Video Games - E3 2011 - Comic-Con '10 Live

OK, I love Nathan Fillion, but the dude's starting to show his age. Maybe the star of Castle and Firefly was just wilting from the exhaust fumes rippling off the latex-clad bodies of several thousand sweaty dweebs?

Game Trailers - E3 2011 - Comic-Con '10 Live

Stay tuned, true believers. In part two, we'll spotlight the best Movie-related interviews from this epic event.