There's nothing like grabbing a hot dog, a $12 beer and enjoying a ball game, right? Well, as long as you don't mind the possibility of "mouse excreta" or some dead fruit flies as an extra topping.

ESPN has compiled a list of vendor health inspection reports from major sports venues across North America, and the results aren't too bad, but not great either. Let's take a look at New York and New Jersey:

Citi Field
New York Mets
Vendors with critical violations: 45%
Inspection report excerpt: Inspectors found 20 pounds of grilled chicken registered at 70 degrees in a refrigerator, about 30 degrees warmer than allowed.

Madison Square Garden
New York Knicks, New York Rangers
Vendors with critical violations: 61%
Inspection report excerpt: At one stand, inspectors found "53 mouse excreta" (38 on top of a metal box underneath the cash registers in the front food-prep/service area and 15 on top of a carbonated-beverage dispensing unit).

Yankee Stadium
New York Yankees
Vendors with critical violations: 48%
Inspection report excerpt: Five hot dogs registered 91 degrees in a hot-holding unit when they were supposed to be no cooler than 140. Inspectors also had a vendor dump a bottle of Chivas Regal whiskey containing dead fruit flies.

And New Jersey got off surprisingly easy:

Giants Stadium
New York Giants, New York Jets (former)
Vendors with critical violations: 20%
Inspection report excerpt: Managers tossed 20 pounds of ground beef after inspectors cited them for letting partially grilled burgers with raw centers sit at unsafe temperatures for three hours before final cooking.

What would America's Mayor and the Greatest Yankees Fan Ever, Rudy Giuliani say about this?

[via Fark; Image via Getty]