So, today Howard Dean called Fox News 'absolutely racist' for its role in promoting that misleading video of USDA employee Shirley Sherrod. Which means that almost everyone involved in this scandal is a racist, according to someone.

If you emerged from last week's Shirley Sherrod scandal without having been called a racist you're one of the few. As you know, The NAACP called the Tea Party racist, then conservative writing and talking person Andrew Breitbart attempted to get back at them by releasing a highly misleading clip of USDA administrator Shirley Sherrod speaking to the NAACP. Sherrod got fired for what appeared to be discrimination against a white farmer, but then everyone realized Breitbart was a lying piece of shit and all hell broke loose, with everyone accusing everyone else of racism. Confusing! Here's a handy guide to help you keep track of who's racist according to whom.

Who's Racist: The Tea Party
According to: The NAACP
Why: Racist signs and stuff.

Who's Racist: The NAACP
According to: Andrew Breitbart
Why: They laughed when Shirley Sherrod talked about discriminating against a white farmer.

Who's Racist: Andrew Breitbart
According to: Shirley Sherrod
Why: He's trying to erase black people's advances by smearing them.

Who's Racist: Shirley Sherrod
According to: Fox News
Why: She discriminated against a white farmer that one time.

Who's Racist: Fox News
According to: Howard Dean
Why: They wanted to smear black people by making them seem racist.

Who's Racist: Howard Dean
According to: ????