Following our earlier post about the enormous airplane in the middle of Brooklyn on Google Maps, readers sent in other airplane apparitions. One appears to be a real airplane, hidden in someone's yard. The other appears to be underwater.

IppoJ directed us to a messageboard where someone called MadMaxSvx reports he found a real airplane in someone's backyard in Paraguay. We went to the location he gave and have to admit, it does look like a real airplane: The shadows are right and the surrounding foliage overlaps appropriately.

Another reader emailed to note seeing the illusion of airplanes in the areas surrounding JFK Airport. Like the mysterious airplane in Bushwick, these seem to occur when an airplane happens to fly underneath a Google Maps satellite that happens to be photographing that area. Here's an example where the ghostly image of an airplane appears to be submerged in the Atlantic Ocean near Long Beach, NY.

Unless, of course, it's Oceanic Flight 815, submerged beside a magical island of death.

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