Unwatchable MSNBC host Ed Schultz was invited to speak at this year's Netroots Nation conference, to perform his usual rage-baiting schtick of childish insults about "balls." Also: why won't Obama give him an interview? He's not fighting the cause!

Schultz — whose long history of liberal activism includes mulling a 1994 congressional bid as a Republican ("I just think North Dakota needs a new, fresh conservative voice") — is allegedly upset over the hasty Shirley Sherrod firing, like many people. But is he really? It gave him some fresh shit-on-Obama crybaby material for his routine, just in time for Netroots Nation!

"They must have a war room at the White House. I think they've got a sissy room too," Schultz said. "I didn't vote for that."

Schultz said Democrats have failed to live up to their own platform passed at the Democratic Convention in 2008 and he challenged the activists and bloggers in the crowd: "If I've got the balls to say it, you better have the balls to write it."

He said he supports primaries as needed to keep the party's moral compass. "We have to do our vetting process. You're either with us, or you're against us in the progressive movement in America," he said.

"Sissy," "balls," "with us or against us" — who is this guy? How does he have "balls" by shouting black-and-white vagaries at bloggers?

But now we get to the heart of Schultz's stemwinder:

He also complained that Obama hasn't gone on his show or sat recently for interviews with Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, adding that during the campaign, "I busted my ass for Obama." Schultz said that instead of going on The Ed Show, Obama went on Bret Baier's show on Fox, "in my time slot. What's that all about?"

Schultz said he's "not anti-Obama" but wants to "change some plays" to help the Democrats win in November. Schultz said when former President George W. Bush was in trouble, he talked to the base. "You know what this outfit does? They react to Fox," he said.

He said progressives should realize they are warring against a win-at-all-costs conservative media, saying that Fox News is out to "destroy the progressive movement."

Good God. Does he expect Obama to grant interviews to the guy whose best complaint is to shout "balls" and encourage others to do the same? Look, real progressives: either you sympathize with Ed Schultz's booking problems or you're against the Movement.

And can you believe that Obama went on Bret Baier's show instead of Ed Schultz's show, when MSNBC owns the copyright to Obama? He's worse than Bush. The interview with Baier, by the way — one of Obama's very, very rare ones with Fox News, for those keeping score — came immediately before the final health care vote in March. This was at a point when Democratic support for passage had consolidated to nearly 90% while many independents, some of whom watch Fox News, were still quite leery. Probably didn't matter much, but so what? The bill passed, Ed.

It's disappointing to see this slick faux-Limbaugh concern troll try to define the country's political debate between his employer, MSNBC, and his chief rival, Fox News. Most people don't watch either, can't stand either, and don't define the life and death of political ideals by whether or not Ed Schultz lands the big fish, the sissy without the balls.

[via Balloon Juice; Image via AP]