Lorenzo Martone just confirmed via Twitter a rumor we've been hearing for weeks: He and Marc Jacobs are no longer a couple. Guess that ends the speculation about whether they're married or not. But, why, boys? Why?

Here's Lorenzo's tweet from a little while ago:

Vogue asked Jacobs if he still had plans to get tie the knot and they published his reply today. "No, I am not getting married," he said. And this explains why—the two aren't even boyfriends any longer.

Page Six reported the break in April. The report was premature, since the couple was seen together in the months that followed (not to mention talking about getting matching tattoos during the weekend when they were supposedly in a huge fight and breaking up).

In May, we heard from a tipster that Lorenzo turned up at an AIDS fundraiser on a Sunday evening drunk (supposedly after his birthday brunch) and was seen telling friends that Marc had kicked him out of the house. Lorenzo was then seen—the tipster claims—leaving with one of the organizers of the event. That seems to coincide with the two month mark Lorenzo mentions in his tweet.

How did the couple go from being gay lovebirds on the beach to being broken up? As much as we love Marc, he's famous for his rocky love life, including another on-again-off-again engagement with former escort Jason Preston. For now, all we can do is speculate. And mourn the most fashionable gay wedding that never was.

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