A source tells us that Michael Lohan—who's been accused of domestic assault by three ex-girlfriends—is attempting to sell nude photos of Kate Major, his ex-fiancee who accused Lohan earlier this week of attacking her and threatening her life.

This photo, which was taken in April 2010, is part of a set that Lohan is now trying to unload to the highest bidder, a source in the industry who was propositioned tells us. It depicts Kate in bed with her breasts exposed and eyes closed. Her left hand rests against her face, displaying the diamond engagement ring Michael gave to her. It's one of several that Lohan is hoping to sell, we've been told.

Kate and Michael's relationship began inauspiciously: The former Star magazine reporter started as a member of Lindsay Lohan's entourage before fameballing her way to tabloid coverage as Jon Gosselin's "other woman" and Michael Lohan's fiancee, disregarding Michael's reputation as a domestic abuser (and Lindsay's disgust for her).

Yesterday, news broke that Kate reported Michael to the police for threatening to kill her and kicking her in the face. Michael, who had already been prohibited from coming into contact with Major as part of a restraining order, now faces criminal charges. (He was also ordered by a judge to surrender any firearms in his possession.)

If Michael is indeed trying to sell the photos, he's gone nuclear in his quest for vengeance. Nude images of an abused woman of dubious fame can't be worth much money, and they certainly won't help his defense on his domestic violence charges. But much like Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva and the vicious phone calls that were leaked recently—possibly by someone close to Oksana—there's always the possibility that the release of these Kate Major photos was deliberate, and there's an effort underway to make Michael appear more of a monster than he already is. (If that's even possible.)

We reached out to Kate for a comment, but she declined to comment on the record. Michael did not respond to a phone message or email.

Update: Major has responded to the story in a statement to Popeater.com: "Michael Lohan is a disgusting human being and father. He look these pictures of me when I was asleep and without my knowledge. At the time he was my fiancé. I have just found out about these images today and moving forward my lawyer, William O'Conner, will be handing the legalities of anyone the reproduces them."

[Photo of Lohan and Major (top) and Lohan (bottom) via Getty Images]