Is someone in Bushwick hiding a ginormous 747* behind a bunch of trees in a park? Untapped New York has discovered a mysterious, airplane-shaped apparition on both Google Earth and Google Maps, in a place normally occupied by a playground.

Untapped believes the images were most likely created by an airplane flying under Google's satellite at the exact moment it was photographing Brooklyn's hipster warehouse paradise. This explains the blurry rainbow effect.

But what if someone stole an airplane from JFK, drove it down the expressway, then hid it in a playground abutting the Bushwick Houses projects, and swore everyone in the neighborhood to silence under the threat of death? And the only way to find out about it is on Google Maps? I vastly prefer this explanation, but would also settle for "ghost terrorists" or "gay John Travolta spacecraft." [UntappedNY via Gothamist, images via Google]

* UPDATE: I'm told the above airplane is not a 747, but probably an A320. Aviation enthusiasts can join the debate here and here.