Not much is known about surprise Democratic South Carolina Senate nominee Alvin Greene, but military records obtained by the Associated Press provide some insight into Greene's honorable discharge from the Air Force in 2005.

A performance review describes Greene as "unable to express thoughts clearly," and "not able to adapt to any changes to daily routine."

Greene entered the Air Force in July 2002, and served for three years before his discharge. After two years as an intelligence librarian at Shaw Air Force Base, Greene received his first review, and according to the AP, was found to be "an ineffective leader who lacked organization." Though he was assessed as "usually capable of handling mundane tasks with supervision," he was "not able to adapt to any changes to daily routine."

He also received multiple disciplinary actions, including for one incident in which he posted "sensitive" information on an internet server.

The following year, Greene was working as an analyst in the weapons of mass destruction section, though the AP reports that his "job had little to do with intelligence analysis and more to do with shredding documents and escorting contractors around the base."

An evaluation said that "while Alvin is a decent person, he lacks the basic skills necessary for promotion," adding that he "required a daily to-do list" and had a "consistent inability to follow instructions or maintain basic job knowledge."

He was also described as potentially being a "a threat to others" because of his lack of adequate military training.

After his discharge in September, Greene joined the Army National Guard and then the Army, where he was discharged in August 2009.

[Republished from Authored by Jillian Rayfield.]


South Carolina Mystery Candidate Alvin Greene Was a Terrible Soldier