Nicole Kidman interviewed Marion Cotillard for Interview magazine, and the result was either glorious or insufferable, depending on your perspective. It begins with the actresses calling to each other in the secret language of fabulosity:


MARION COTILLARD: Nicole, where are you?

KIDMAN: I'm in Nashville. Where are you?

COTILLARD: I'm in Paris.

KIDMAN: But weren't you just in the Congo?

Funny, I had the exact same conversation with the Blockbuster clerk the other day. Anyway, Marion goes on to discuss her work for Greenpeace. Hardball interviewer Nicole Kidman pulls no punches.

KIDMAN: How did this become your passion, this desire to protect the Earth?

KIDMAN: You have this fairy quality, like you're flitting through trees and stars, and then at the same time, you're really grounded. It's very hypnotic . . . You don't have to respond to that.

I believe the word Nicole wants is "ethereal," a word that is never applied to normal people, but gets said about celebrities all the time. Anyway, Marion reveals next that she is a magical unicorn empath, and Nicole gurgles with awe:

COTILLARD: When I was in the Congo I couldn't speak the language. But I could understand what was happening by looking in someone else's eyes.

KIDMAN: That's a wonderful ability, Marion.

Marion! I love you! Marion! You are so very special and I— I think I love— Excuse me, what's that? Oh, yes, I'd like to rent La Vie en Rose for another day, please. And a bucket of extra-butter popcorn while you're at it. [Interview]