Today at Gawker.TV, Steve Carell teases Anchorman 2, Christina Hendricks is an object of lady-lust, January Jones thinks Betty Draper is a bad mother, and Ted Danson gripes about how Larry David won't cast him again on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Ted Danson's True Feelings about Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm
Ted Danson talked some trash about Larry David last night. Not only is he a crappy house guest and a germaphobe, but he won't let Ted be on the next season of Curb! Danson goes on, saying the show "sucks."

Even January Jones Thinks That Betty Draper is "Straight-up Crazy"
It seems every talk show has Mad Men fever, and today's Live featured January Jones and a spoiler-filled clip from season 4. We're just glad to hear we're not the only ones who think Betty Draper is a bad mother.

Steve Carell Announces Anchorman 2, then Crushes Your Dreams Forever
Not only does Steve Carell fake out the entire Late Night with Jimmy Fallon audience by announcing "it's happening!", but he tells us the super-secret plans for what Anchorman 2 might have been. ...It could have been a Broadway show?

Christina Hendricks Gets Hit on By the Ladies of The View
We bet Christina Hendricks didn't expect to be told by Alexandra Wentworth that she and husband George Stephanopolous consider her to be a "girl crush." Either way, she took that story—and the constant talk about her figure—quite well!

Dulé Hill Cuts a Rug On Psych
A talent show closed out last night's Psych and Dulé Hill's Gus performed a show-stopping tap routine. As a bonus, Timothy Omundson also joined in the dancing fun.