Here's a trailer for Stone, a thriller starring Robert De Niro and Edward Norton, reunited some nine years after they thrilled in The Score. This looks like a slightly more sedate movie, with a lot of sitting and yelling.

It sort of looks like Dead Man Walking's Primal Fracture, a mishmash of interrogation drama, criminal mystery, and prison philosophy. De Niro switches on toned-down rumpled mode, while Norton tests out another one of his Characters. Oh plus there's Milla Jovovich popping up in a rare non-video game zombie killing role as Norton's on-the-outside girlfriend who seduces De Niro's prison official in the hopes that he'll be lenient with Norton's parole. Naturally everything becomes complicated and sexy and Frances Conroy yet again plays a wispy, sad, clueless woman. Can we please put that poor woman in something where she beats people up or shoots a gun or something? I just feel so bad for her all the time.

Anyway, Stone appears to be your standard thriller that's just jazzed up with a flashy two-hander cast and some glorious cornrows. The thing I'm most curious about is the Jovovich factor, considering she hasn't had a true dramatic role since, what, He Got Game? Let's see how she pulls it off!