Her powers are getting stronger by the day! Also today: a very interesting expose about the behind-the-scenes goings on of Chuck, Sam Raimi makes a bad choice, Sharon Stone is old, and George Clooney is a hero.

Oh good. Remember when I told you that Katherine Heigl was going to star in a movie about a woman who never ages called Lady Buttons: A Curious Case (or, y'know, The Age of Adaline)? Well, the movie is now just called Adaline and it has found a director. Yes, as if this movie wasn't already completely terrible, the producers have tapped Andy Tennant to direct the damn thing. Tennant is the genius behind such wonderments as The Bounty Hunter and America's best comedy, Hitch. (As a rule any comedy with jet ski humor is America's best.) So this is going to be really good. Well, I suppose there's always the chance that Tennant will recapture the magic he made with Ever After. Yeah, he directed that! And that was good! [Variety]

Speaking of directors and misguided projects, the usually good Sam Raimi is attached to direct Earp: Saints for Sinners, a movie based on a graphic novel about famous gunslinger Wyatt Earp traveling to the future. Hm. Did nobody learn anything from Jonah Hex? People do not like tweaked Westerns based on comic books/graphic novels. They just do not. Even when Sam Raimi directs them. Also, that title. "Hey, what are you going to see this weekend at the multiplex?" "Earp." "Excuse me?" "Earp." "No, seriously, what are you seeing? Stop burping." "Earp." "Earp." "Earp." "Earp..." "Earp." "Earrrrp..." "Earp." [the distant sound of a French police siren] [THR]

Mensa-level genius Sharon Stone is set to climb aboard Sweet Baby Jesus, that 1970s-set comedy about a hippie named Mary who wanders into Bethlehem, MD with her BF Joseph to give birth to a baby. Stone will play Mary's mom. So when someone says "How old is Sharon Stone?" You can say "Old enough to be Jesus's grandmother," and not be a complete dickbox. Well, you'll still be a dickbox, but you'll be an accurate dickbox. [Deadline]

You know who we don't celebrate enough? George Clooney. Poor George Clooney is over there in the corner, ignored and unappreciated. We keep showering praise and riches on Dolly Do-Nothings like teachers and social workers, and all of George Clooney's significant accomplishments go unnoticed. Well not anymore. The humble and admirable Emmy Awards are going to toast the unsung hero during this fall's broadcast. Finally. (In all seriousness, they are giving him the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award for all the Haiti and other stuff he's done, so I guess he's a good guy, whatever, celebrities, feh.) [THR]

NBC's The Chuck is many things: progressive darling, alleged entertainment source for America's youth, righteous spy movie critique. And it's also a boys' club where women's contributions are often ignored and dismissed. Take for example the recent casting of Olivia Munn as a guest star for this fall's season finale. It has led some to criticize Chuck for hiring someone better known for suggestively putting things in her mouth on a video game show and being on the covers of Playboy and Maxim than for her Chuck-related acting chops. [EW]

Delightful British bird-person ("ow, my bones") Emily Mortimer has been cast in Marty Skorksee's upcoming picture, Hugo Cabinet: The French Robot. It's unclear what part she will play, but you can bet it will be someone who has sad pond eyes and frightens easily. This is not meant to be a critique of Emily Mortimer! I actually really love her. It's just that she's so... distinct. Anyway, who else is excited for Harvey Clink-Clank? Ought to be a real interestin' picture. [Deadline]