Is your child hungry? Like, really hungry? The most caloric kids meal in America is reportedly Friendly's Mac & Cheese Quesadilla. With the drink and dessert that come with it, the meal has 2,300 calories.

For reference, the FDA recommends that adults consume 2,000 calories per day. So the Mac & Cheese Quesadilla is a miracle of gluttony that could kill even an adult. According to the Friendly's Kids Menu, a Mac & Cheese Quesadilla consists of the following:

A cheese quesadilla filled with mac and cheese. Add bacon or a Friendly Frank* to get to the next level! (*hot dog contains milk)

To make it as unhealthy as possible, The Daily Beast's crack listicle team recommends choosing a Shirley Temple and Friend-z Peanut Butter Cup shake for the complimentary beverage and dessert. (Friendly's Kids Menu also offers "Cotton Candy" juice. It's the color of Windex.) Michelle Obama, give up your jihad on childhood obesity while you still can. Freedom-loving Friendly's will never bow to your taut-bodied tyranny. [TDB, image via]