An Air France flight attendant has confessed to 27 counts of theft after she took cash and jewelry off of passengers while they slept in first and business class. And authorities think that she's responsible for even more mile-high robberies.

It would be kind of cool if 47-year-old Lucie R.—the semi-anonymous designation French authorities have given the woman—was stealing from the rich and giving to the poor like some sort of Robin Hood with tiny packages of peanuts, but she was just putting the money in her own bank account. An investigation started in January when five Japanese passengers flying from France to Tokyo, Lucie's usual route, reported they were robbed in transit, and were missing a total of 4,000 euros (about $5,000). She faces 10 years in prison if she's convicted of the crimes, which seems likely since she's already confessed. An ABC News article about the theft says Lucie, "could have easily inspired the Beatles' hit 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.'" Sorry, that song does have something to do with something illegal, yes. But it's not theft. Totally different story!

[Image via caribb/Flickr]