She had a meeting in the lady's room—with some crank. This celeb uses his son to score his mountains of coke, and this reality star has a gay husband. He's not on drugs though, which is nice.

1. "Lots of movie premieres last night. At one of them, this female B list reality star lit up her meth pipe as she frequently does. While she was taking a hit on it at the party, someone bumped into the door of the bathroom stall she was using. This caused our reality star to burn her almost bare breast leaving a nasty mark and necessitating a very hasty exit." [CDaN]

2. "This B/C list celebrity dad's coke habit is so out of control, he is now sending his teenage son to do drug runs for him. Not Michael Douglas." [BuzzFoto

3. "There are reality stars who are faking it with their boobs, their hair, their houses, their tans, their money, and their dates. But this one is faking it with her marriage. While she is legally married, her husband is gay. He knows it, she know it, and everyone in their family knows it. In return for supporting his image as a successful hetero man, she gets a fat payday. The wrinkle in the plan is that another reality star is making noise about outing her husband and her sham. Instead of defending her relationship, our little faker is simply running for the hills." [Blind Gossip]

Blind Item Solved: "We asked in May: 'Which producer for a dorky cable anchor has been complaining to colleagues that she's tired of his notoriously nasty behavior?' The answer came Monday when MSNBC announced that Izzy Povich, executive producer of Countdown with Keith Olbermann since 2004, had been named senior executive producer of Lawrence O'Donnell's program, which debuts this fall at 10 p.m. Izzy, the daughter-in-law of Maury Povich and a mother of two, had no comment." [P6]