Facebook may have close to 500 million users, but it has one of the lowest scores on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which ranks how people respond to certain companies. That means you like paying taxes slightly more than Facebook.

According to the ACSI, which was developed at the University of Michigan's business school, Facebook had one of the lowest rankings of any of the companies it measured. It got a score of 64 out of 100, which puts it at the bottom of the heap along with notoriously hated businesses like the IRS electronic tax filing service, airlines, and cable companies.

Shockingly it wasn't privacy concerns that really pissed people off, but the fact that Facebook changes its interface and layout about every three weeks (not really, but you know) and constantly subjects its users to spam and badvertising. Wikipedia and YouTube are the popular kids on the internet, with some of the highest scores in the study. But don't feel too bad, Facebook: At least MySpace scored lower than you did.

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