Did you do the stupid thing that a lot of people have done recently and go to law school, just because you're aimless and you figured it would be a productive use of time "in the long run?" Sucker.

The WSJ reports that most recent law school grads are now doing stand up comedy or "consulting" or dumpster diving or strongarm robbery, because the economy tanked and suddenly everyone figured out, hey, we don't really need to be paying insane salaries to thousands upon thousands of unmotivated twentysomethings languishing here at our law firm just because they couldn't figure out anything better to tell their dad they were doing after they graduated from Sarah Lawrence.

The portion of law-school graduates who held jobs that required a law degree and passing the bar exam shrunk to 71% for the class of 2009, from 75% for the class of 2008, according to a survey by the National Association for Law Placement. The survey also found that nearly 25% of employed graduates said their work was temporary. And almost 22% said they were still looking for work even though they were employed, up from 16% in 2008.

What all that "legal mumbo-jumbo" means is, get a real job, hippie lawyer.

[WSJ; Pic: Shutterstock. Can't say you didn't see this coming.]