Here's a trailer for the upcoming sixth season of Weeds, Showtime's ever-evolving comedy about a family living outside of the law. After last season's shocker of an ending, the family is on the run, headed north, to another new life.

So it's yet another complete change of setting for this show, the... fourth? if I remember correctly? Which at this point is less jarring than the first time, but still a little strange, in that it's so far — thematically, not just geographically — from where this show started out. I've written before about this show's tiringly bleak nihilism, which they can't even really hide behind jokes anymore, I mean [SPOILER ALERT] Shane killed a lady. So that seems to be cranked up to eleven this new season. Ah well. Mary-Louise Parker gets to wear a fun wig, she and Andy are together a lot so maybe they will finally hook up, and Silas walks around with his shirt off. Wait! No he does not! He walks around in a bellhop uniform. That is not the same thing, Jenji!

Anyway. Will you watch?