Sumner Redstone, the octogenarian boss of Viacom and CBS, would make a good mafia boss, as well. The Daily Beast's Peter Lauria published an embarrassing story about Redstone, and got the following unbelievable voicemail, demanding he reveal his source.

Last month, Lauria wrote a story saying that Redstone was pressuring MTV to pick up a reality show about an all-girl pop band called the Electric Barbarellas, despite the fact that everyone thought they and their music sucked. The not-at-all-thinly-veiled implication was that the "frisky" Redstone was allowing his horniness to control his business sense.

The latest twist: Lauria recorded a voicemail from Redstone yesterday in which Redstone brazenly asks the journalist to tell him who leaked the story—and promises unnamed rewards if he does so. Sample statements:

"We're not gonna kill him. Just want to talk to him."

"You will be thoroughly protected. We're not gonna hurt this guy. We want to sit him down and find out why he did it."

"You will be well rewarded. And well protected."

Sumner won't get a source's name out of this, but he will get everlasting embarrassment, if the internet does its job correctly. Listen to the full voicemail below. [The Daily Beast]