Want to see a privileged white kid get his ass kicked? Al Gore Jr. ("Kid Blanco") is participating in a heavyweight Wall Street boxing match tomorrow, for indulging homoeroti—I mean, for charity. His opponent: Ken "The Carnivore" Cunningham.

Corporate Challenge Boxing coordinates one of Wall Street's stranger mating rituals, wherein filthy rich professionals invert boxing's traditional socioeconomic schema by paying for the privilege of having their peers beat the shit out of them. (Or the privilege of watching their peers get the shit beat out of them.) Because the proceeds go to charity this is socially acceptable. As for Junior's match, smart money would be on the guy who says bio says "You have to make people pay for their mistakes" (Gore the Younger doesn't have a bio. The tipster who sent us the fight card suspects he was an eleventh-hour add-on) but some hasty Googling reveals that Cunningham has a history of charity boxing defeat, so maybe the scrappy, cannabis-enthusiast son of a rumored crazed sex poodle has a chance, after all. If you catch the match or hear more, let us know how it goes. [CorporateChallengeBoxing]