As we speak, Lindsay Lohan is settling into Lynwood's Century Regional Detention Center. (With a new, smirking mug shot to boot.) How many days will she actually serve? How much will her first post-jail interview fetch? Join our betting pool.

In the comments, place your bets on the following seven components of Lindsay's stint as a jailbird. We've got a cache of Lindsay Lohan merchandise that we'll give out after LiLo's first post-prison interview. (Assuming she gives one! See betting line #4.) So make like Lindsay's psychic stripper alter-ego in I Know Who Killed Me and place your bets. Standard contest rules apply, as does my arbitrary discretion.

  • 1. The average female inmate in Lindsay's situation serves 25 percent of her sentence. How many days will Lindsay serve?
  • 2. How much time will elapse between the end of her prison sentence and her first tweet as a free woman?
  • 3. Predict Lindsay's first post-jail tweet.
  • 4. Who will get her first post-jail interview?
  • 5. How much money will she make for her first post-jail interview? (Recall that, though Paris Hilton was initially offered a rumored $1 million, she ultimately gave the interview for free. Wager with care.)
  • 6. How many times will she cry during the interview?
  • 7. Wildcard: Make one prediction for Lindsay's stint in jail that isn't covered by the above. Unexpected truths will be rewarded.

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.


The Complete Guide to Lindsay Lohan's Incarceration