Can't get enough of Danielle Staub? Neither can she. If you're planning on watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey, join our live blog of "What a Knockout" and discuss the show as you watch.

Based on previews, it appears that Danielle continues with her horror story entitled "Someone pulled my hair and the police didn't take her to jail." Where is the justice? Danielle is suffering like third grade girls around the world. According to clips on Bravo, Danielle will be learning self-defense and Joe will show Teresa her potential new digs.

The show starts at 10 EST on Bravo.

If you've never joined a live blog before, the party happens in the comments section. Just tune into the show at 10 Eastern on Bravo and post comments about what you see. Reply to other peoples' comments. Refresh the page to see new comments.

Please join us! No one should have to watch this alone.

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