The actor and hiptellectual (we're just making up words these days, right Sarah?) announced on Good Morning America today that he will be teaching a "very special class" in New Haven next year. What should it be? We have ideas.

One would assume the class would be either performance- or writing-based, but who knows! The mysterious Mr. Franco has a wide variety of interests. Here, let's make suggestions.

  • Advanced Face-Making
  • Sleep Studies 101
  • Soap Opera Semiotics
  • Homoeroticism in Action (an independent study conducted in senior Lance Holbrook's dorm room)
  • Higher Learning (get it?)
  • Applied Good Looksism
  • How to Never Really Act Well But Still Have a Movie Career (linked with Applied Good Looksism)

Oh, we kid. What should Franco teach? Elis: Will you take this caramel dreampuff's very special class? Also, how hard is it to dress up like a Yale student and audit a class? We'd like some guidance on that, please.

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