Today we looked at misty-eyed and Dolores Umbridgian newspaper thinker Peggy Noonan, the Lisa Frank of political writing, and how she is terribly scared of young people. This angered one young millennial.

From Perhaps Not:

Dear Peggy,
We hate your generation because you permanently fucked up the environment for us and our children and created Lovecraftian business interests larger and more powerful than the government. We also hate you for your shitty taste in art, your utter hypocrisy on anything remotely related to sex, and your love of nuclear arms. When our generation has managed to ruin the world as thoroughly as yours has, you can laugh at us from on top of the shitheap.
Generation Y.

This sparked an interesting discussion, in which generational divides were traversed and peace was made. But poor Peggy? Well, she's still miserable:

...said Peggy, slouched over the bar at Malachy's, her fourth martini slopping over the glass and onto her moldy wedding dress.

— from watertiger. And then someone continued the story!