ABC News tracked down Ruth Madoff, wife of Ponzi schemer Bernie, and she was sitting at a Le Pain Quotidian in Midtown with her hair dyed red. You'll never believe what she said to the camera. It's shocking. Shocking!

When approached by a crew for "Brian Ross Investigates," a web-only show that can be seen on and Hulu, Ruth Madoff said, "Oh my God." Since it's not in the segment we don't know if she meant, "Oh my God, you startled me," or "Oh my gawd, why won't you leave me alone?" or "Oh my God! How dare you ask me that? I'm a lady!" But yes, she said, "Oh my God."

Ross, who doesn't miss an opportunity to shill for his book at the end of the segment, also interviews an advocate for Bernie Madoff's victims who says she would like Ruth prosecuted or investigated. Ross tries to gin up some outrage that she dares to go about her daily life with new hairdos and fancy lunches while the people who her husband swindled are out on the street. Please, Brian, it's a $7.99 sandwich and (from the looks of it) some Clairol from the box. We're not saying she should get off Scot free, but if you're going to get all upset and try to have an "investigation" give us something to be upset about—and a real investigation—not a new hairdo and some lunch.