Today at Gawker.TV, Regis Philbin dresses up like The Situation, Jay Leno gets pervy over Ellen Page's sleepwalking habits, Jay Baruchel explains how weird Nic Cage really is, and Bethenny Frankel's honeymoon suite is invaded by a pooping iguana.

Regis and Kelly Reveal a Jersey Shore Parody to the Show's Actual Cast
Because of Jersey Shore's wild popularity, Regis and Kelly created their own spoof of the show for their "halfway to Halloween" segment. Out of all the Jersey Shore spoofs we've seen, this might just be the greatest one yet.

Ellen Page Talks of Sleepwalking in her Underwear while Jay Leno Gets His Creep On
On last night's Tonight Show, Ellen Page came out to talk Inception and her own relationship with sleepwalking. Of course, more-uncomfortable-every-day Jay had to make things awkward with his usual brand of puzzling "comedy".

Jay Baruchel Confirms that Nic Cage is Exactly as Weird as You think He is
Sorcerer's Apprentice star Jay Baruchel fits right in on G4TV and Attack of the Show. Kevin Pereira, mindful of Nic Cage's recent psychedelic appearance on Letterman, asks the questions that are on everyone's mind.

Futurama Dares to Ask, "What if the Da Vinci Code Were Actually Good?"
There are points in the Dan Brown book that are interesting but ultimately full of shit. It takes the comedic chops of Futurama to give us a version worth watching. Here the crew discovers a secret in Da Vinci's beard.

An Iguana Invades, Poops in Bethenny Frankel's Honeymoon Suite
After a beautiful day in St. Barts on their Honeymoon, newlyweds Bethenny and Jason came home to find that their villa had been invaded by a creature who really had to go to the bathroom.