Since returning to mother Russia, sexy spy Anna Chapman (nee Kushchenko), has been hailed as a hero by her native Volgograd. Now there's talk of a possible parliamentary campaign. Finally, a reason to pay attention to Russian politics!

Newsweek, which earlier reported Chapman was considering selling her story, says that the head of Volgograd's chapter of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) has been actively pushing a 2012 run for parliament. He told Newsweek he "will do everything to promote her candidacy for a Duma seat in the next parliament elections."

All signs point to Anna Chapman's staggering success in politics. Think about it: She's young, attractive, an expert at concealing her true identity; she's spent time abroad for mysterious reasons, hates America and probably counts Marx among one of her heroes. Just like America's most successful politician, Barack Obama.