Perhaps you've heard that smut peddler Teri Gross' filthy interview show, Fresh Air has been pulled from Mississippi Public Broadcasting's lineup. What offended a listener's southern sensibility Comedian Louis CK explaining why he always has sex with his shirt on.

We speculated that a segment on Hollywood's lesbian recruitment film The Kids are Alright might have gotten Fresh Air banned from Mississippi. But The Rachel Maddow Show's blog reports that Gross' July 7 interview with very funny comedian Louis CK sparked a listener complaint, triggering Mississippi Public Broadcasting's 'zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate content.' Here's the exchange in question:

Louis CK: But if I'm with a woman and she wants to be with me, she must like me. I definitely have sex with my T-shirt on, always. I haven't had sex without a shirt on, God, since I was about 23."

Terry Gross: Is that true?

Louis CK: Yeah, I just don't think that's fair. I mean, you know, let her think she's with somebody decent, you know? ... I do have sex sometimes on the show, and there's a rule that I have to be on my back.

Terry Gross: Why, because your stomach flattens?

Louis C.K.: Well, no, God, no. I'm not laying back in that bed thinking, "I look awesome right now." It's because I think I should always be the victim of the sex. I don't think anyone wants to see me looming over her. I think that's an upsetting image. And then also, the mother-dog stomach that I get when I'm ... you get the point.

Of course, MPB had no choice but to ban Fresh Air because nobody has sex in Mississippi and there are certainly no unattractive or overweight people who live there.