Dream presidential candidate Glennifer Beck was on his television program last night talking about liberation theology and religion and stuff and he dropped some theological-historical knowledge on us: The Jews killed Jesus! Haven't you missed that old saw?

Yeah, the "Jews killed Jesus" thing is one of the bedrock "arguments" of antisemitism and Glenn Beck, known Mormon, just up and said it on his variety hour, which is watched by millions of people who lap up his particular brand of horror water like... well, like thirsty Jews wandering in the desert. Beck was also saying some humblybumbly about liberation theology and various other things that he doesn't really understand, but that's not worth dignifying. What's important is Glenn's important religious thinking when it comes to social justice and the history of his favorite old dude:

This is kind of complex, because Jesus did identify with the victims. But Jesus wasn't a victim, he was a conqueror. Jesus conquered death. He chose to give his life. Jesus didn't come back from the dead and make the Jews pay for what they did. That would have been an abomination.

Glenn Beck says this with absolute authority! Because he was there, or something. Or he's a religion genius, maybe. It's sort of unclear. That he's patently cherry picking from the Bible and flat-out making other things up is not something that you should worry about. Here, don't you want to buy some gold? (You know who likes gold? JEWS.)

Here's a question I have about this whole Jews-killed-Jesus thing. Isn't the main tenet of Christianity that Jesus died for our sins because God loved the world or whatever? You know, John 3:16? So then, kinda, wasn't the death of Jesus a good thing? Otherwise we'd all be fucked? So why then are we concerned with whodunnit (Romans) and like being angry about that and stuff? Isn't that kind of saying that you wish he hadn't died? Which would then negate your entire religion? Maybe? Is there a theologian in the house who is well-versed in ancient mumbojumbo who can answer this question for me?

Anyway. Glenn Beck is going insaner and insaner, and it's probably not going to end well. Can you believe that there is someone on national television talking about this stuff, in this manner, every day and lots of people watch it in 2010? It's like a Terry Gilliam movie. Only darker.

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