Though we have recently been ensconced in a blissful, months-long "No Tucker Max News to Report" period, it appears that our peace shall soon be shattered: our "favorite" "person" (Tucker Max) has a new book coming out. With words!

Except for a brief rumored flirtation with off-off-off-off Off Broadway in January, we haven't really found it necessary to think about Tucker Max since his god damn movie last year, and his subsequent explanations of its success. Now comes his newest piece of liter-a-chewer, Assholes Finish First. As Tucker tells it in his inimitable style, "Contentwise, in some ways it's just like my first book, in other ways it's not, but the important stuff is the same: it's funny and compelling to read, because that's ultimately what matters most."

Commas will be present as well.

Tucker notes that the book's launch party will take place right here in NYC on September 24, so we await our invitation. With unease.