In your slowly improving Thursday media column: Penthouse makes a faux-bid for Playboy, the WaPo's internet strategy is very serious and journalistic, Brad Stone leaves the NYT, and a Tucker Carlson vs. Keith Olbermann feud, which matters.

  • The owner of Penthouse has bid $210 million for Playboy, with is $25 million more than Hugh Hefner bid. Since Hef already owns a majority of the company, and he's not too hot to sell it to anyone else, you shouldn't hold your breath for PentPlayHouse any time soon.
  • Hey, interesting little factoid: Which Washington Post story generated the most pageviews on its website in the past year? "The answer: Crocs. A story about financial problems facing the maker of the ubiquitous colorful foam clogs is tops." Ha. Haha. Ha.
  • New York Times tech writer Brad Stone is leaving to join Bloomberg BusinessWeek as a senior writer.
  • Ooo, a hot and spicy and interesting and new and relevant feud between America's two most hot, spicy, interesting and relevant media personalities! Tucker Carlson's internet thing has bought the web address ""—a thumb in the eye of the man by the same name, Keith Olbermann! Now Keith Olbermann is issuing his own responses to his nemesis—on the Twitter! We speak for the rest of media world when we say: we're transfixed! Hey Keith, don't feel bad, these things happen!