Levi Johnston's sister Mercede has taken to her Facebook wall and family-feuding blog to rail against Levi and Bristol's engagement—which Levi still hasn't talked to his family about. Today on The Wasilla Hillbillies: the gloves come off.

Mercede—whose blog feuds with the starcrossed lovers of Wasilla are well documentedwrites on her blog that the Johnstons found out about Levi and Bristol's engagement the same way everyone else did: on a gossip website yesterday morning. "Not exactly the image I wanted to come face to face with when I first opened my eyes," she sneers. On Facebook she's even less restrained:

On her blog, Mercede damns the pair with faintly praising congratulations and speculates about ulterior motives: "I think there may be more to this picture than we are able to see right now." She ends with passive-aggressive jab:

I can't wait to watch the two of you wed, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Bristol, if you ever feel overwhelmed with all the decisions involved in planning a wedding I would love to offer you my help. I am a very good event planner, decorator, and I have great taste.

We are going to be attending the wedding, right?

Shots fired. (And in Wasilla, the buckshot is big enough to kill a moose.)

Tune in next week to the Wasilla Hillbillies to see if Bristol gets everything she wants off her Wal-Mart registry. These are the Wasillans of our lives.


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